Use your cordless drill to pull nails and
stripped wood screws!

 The Cordless Drill Nail Puller 
and the
Counter Bore Drill Bit

If you need to remove nails or stripped wood screws from deck boards or demolition, we have the tools you need here. 

And you can't find them in any store!

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ttachments for any cordless drill

Use the power of your cordless drill to pull out those nails!

$49.99 plus shipping

The Cordless Drill Nail Puller attaches to any cordless drill and allows you to grasp the head of a nail and remove it. 

The IMPROVED Counter Bore Drill Bit helps you get to the embedded nail to pull it out.

$19.99 plus shipping

The Counter Bore Bit attaches to any cordless drill and allows you to drill around the head of an embedded nail to remove the material from around the head so that you can then use the Cordless Drill Nail Puller to remove the nail.

The hole-saw teeth are made with bi-metal and are now sharper and stronger.

And the NEW Plastic non-marring Cushion Base...

to add to your nail puller to help reduce pressure marks from the Nail Puller


$4.99 plus shipping


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Made in the USA!
Due to shipping difficulties and customs issues, only limited international sales can be processed.  If your country is not listed within the Buy Now page when processing your order, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

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