How We Got Started: 

We got into this to sell the idea (the patents) to a tool manufacturer!  And we are still looking for someone to purchase the rights to manufacturer these tools.

The Cordless Drill Nail Puller was invented in June 2007 by Craig Laun in Cincinnati, Ohio.  While watching a DIY show on Fathers' Day, the idea of how to develop this tool popped into Craig's head.  The host of the program was trying to show a woman how to replace a board on her deck.  After the board had been removed, he demonstrated how to remove the nails left in the board so they could recycle and reuse he board.  With all the twisting and turning of the nail in the claw of a hammer, the poor woman could not get the nail out (and the host had trouble, too).  He told her the hammer's claw was not perfect. 

Craig developed the essential mechanical parts of the nail puller, and after proving to himself that it could work, the design was perfected and used on his own DIY projects.  During demolition of his kitchen, the nail was used extensively to remove nails in 2x4's that were recycled.

A patent application was filed and issued by the US Patent Office on February 9, 2010.  The patent number is 7658368.

The nail puller was introduced to hardware tool industry manufacturers at Inpex 2008, an inventors' show held annually in Pittsburgh, PA.  From over 40 hardware and tool inventions presented at the sow, Craig was awarded two prestigious design awards:

    1.  Irwin Best Tool Design from the Irwin Tool Manufacturing Company

    2.  Bosch Tool Design award

Since 2008, the slow economy in the US has stifled the industry's interest in new or unique tools.  So, Cordless Drill Nail Puller LLC was launched, and the online store began to make the Cordless Drill Nail Puller and other associated items available to consumers.  Response from a demonstration of our tool on the same DIY program where Craig's idea was born made us realize that customers had a need for our products.  Direct to consumer sales at woodworking shows and flea markets gave us valuable, direct customer feedback on the viability of our products.  Product demonstration via videos help customers recognize the power of the tools we make. 

And feedback fed the innovation behind the development of The Counter Bore Bit (which is also patented) and other accessories offered on our site.

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Thank you for reading our story.