Customers have not been shy to tell us how much they like these products.  

Karen from North Carolina said:

"I must tell you that this tool is really saving me.  I'm 5' tall and 110 pounds and renovating a 105 year-old house with a few helpers.  Pulling nails from heart pine, even with a 3 1/2' long crowbar was literally wrecking my arms and joints.  I was telling people at the bank about it yesterday because we were discussing how many more people are doing things themselves.  This nail puller is so useful; I cam back and bought another set for my helpers to use.  Thank you SO much for inventing it!"


Matt from Virginia said:

"Just wanted to let you know that your drill bit for removing nails is fantastic!  I have a 40 foot deck and it has made short work of removing the nails from the deck boards.  There were 13 nails in each board!  It really works great.  Saves a lot of time and is sturdy enough to hold up under hard usage.

Jim from Illinois said:

"Everything worked as advertised and I got my deck repaired in about 45 minutes."